Back Issue: Drink 2019


In the second annual issue of Virginia Living’s Drink we meet some modern makers of moonshine to learn how they have moved past this spirit’s shady history to make smooth, delicious—and legal—corn liquor. We also picked up on the latest tequila trend and asked mixologists to share their recipes for cocktails that highlight tequila’s flavor and versatility. Plus we researched beer trends and learned that so-called sour beers made with wild yeasts and fruit have swept the country, so we reached out to some brewers to get the story. Then, join us when we visit the folks at True Heritage, a new project from the owners of Veritas Vineyard, who are bringing the wine to you. And while you’re out, grab the ingredients for our outstanding appetizers. Our delicious recipes include sriracha-lime shrimp, butternut squash soup, lobster mac and cheese, pork wontons, bison-burger sliders, and more.

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