Back Issue: August 2022

In August, we’re all bout peanuts—and the truth may be a little “shocking.” Come and meet Lynchburg’s retired astronaut Leland Melvin as well as Virginia Beach surfboard artist Abbi Custis and the masterful mosaics of New Ravenna on the Eastern Shore. Explore the quaint town of Wytheville, discover how Vint Hill Farms played a major part in helping to win WWII—hint, codebreakers—and read about one editor’s summertime memories of soft shell crabs. Speaking of food, see a tomato pie recipe from Red Truck Bakery owner Brian Noyes’ new cookbook and see why Gordonsville is still the fried chicken capital of these united states. And since its summer, discover what makes the Cavalier Beach Club so unique, a 14-year-old surfer extraordinaire, Virginia’s historic lighthouses, and a beach house made for year-round living.
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