Back Issue: December 2011

The December 2011 issue of Virginia Living pulls back the curtain, giving you a behind the scenes look at life as a dancer in the Richmond Ballet. We also reveal the secret to hosting a successful supper club, and detail how to combine friends and food in a way that delivers a deeper appreciation of both. For those who prefer eating out, we serve up the lowdown on the growing trend of small plates America s answer to tapas, dim sum and piattini and if you ve ever wondered what goes on inside the Great Dismal Swamp then prepare yourself for a fascinating story of species and wetland survival, coupled with stunning photography. We also introduce you to the least weasel (the pound-for-pound most aggressive animal in the Old Dominion), pay a visit to the hospitable nomads of Mongolia and explain why the Governor will be eating deer this holiday season. Also inside: a luxurious holiday gift guide; Tintin style; tasteful Thanksgiving tablescapes; Grandma Moses; Swannanoa; a Jeffersonian classic home tucked into lush mountains; the age of the Chesapeake Bay steam packet, and more.
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