Back Issue: February 2012

In the February 2012 issue of Virginia Living we welcome winter with open arms. From the glowing Rumford fireplace on our front cover featured in our story about Whimsey Meadow, the Manakin Sabot home made of two beautifully converted barns to our carefully constructed itineraries for weekend winter mini-breaks at three of the region s most iconic mountain resorts. We offer suggestions for perfect wild game dishes because food tastes better if you ve gone out into the cold and caught it yourself! and meet the Mennonites of Shenandoah Valley, whose lifestyle is both more and less modern than you may expect. We also pay homage to Virginia s first Top Doc, Walter Reed, by telling the story of how he helped cure both typhoid and yellow fever, and pay a visit to The Plains to hear how that island of nature in Northern Virginia is keeping the big box stores and suburban developers at bay. Also inside: Shaka Smart, hot resort wear for the winter, movie producer Kathleen Kennedy, rethinking poison ivy, a Navy wedding in an Army church, a Martin Luther King Jr. poster contest, the passive preservation of the Commonwealth s lost communities and much more, including skinny dipping!
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